Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson: “More Than 100 Former Judges, Prosecutors and Corrections Officials Say Miller Mandates New Sentencing for Juveniles”

Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson (we love this guy at HubbellDuVall, PLLC) has struck again in his article published March 2, 2014. Discussing the amicus briefs submitted by former judges, prosecutors and corrections officials, Dickerson again calls into question Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s motives: “Schuette has repeatedly represented himself as the champion of survivors whose loved ones were slain by juvenile offenders, insisting that crime victims’ right to closure outweighs society’s interest in redressing constitutional wrongs that are in the past.” This in the face of another amicus brief siding with the juvenile offenders submitted by organizations representing the families of victims. Scheutte also argues that the cost of resentencing the approximately 363 juveniles would be prohibitive. However, several of Michigan’s largest law firms, not to mention some of the small guys like us, have already offered free representation to more than 100 juvenile lifers seeking new sentencing hearings. What he does not mention is that a judge or prosecutor not wanting to do their job is not an excuse for not remedying a violation of the Federal and State constitutions. As we prepare for oral arguments happening this Thursday, we thank those like Mr. Dickerson for taking to the media to respond to the statements coming from the attorney generals office.