On March 23, 2020, Governor Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-21 in response to the #COVID19 outbreak in Michigan. Our member attorneys have reviewed the order, which can be read below. We believe that the order is constitutional, authoritative, legally binding, and enforceable.

While our services are essential to our clients, and our representation often implicates their lives and property, we wish to provide leadership on the issue of complying with the Order, we will follow the Order to its letter, and we advise you to as well. It is our opinion that the requirements are necessary, and we recommend to our families, friends, employees, and clients, to follow them voluntarily so that enforcement of the Order is unnecessary.

Our office prepared for this contingency. We took steps during the last two years to move our business online, and effected corresponding security upgrades to safeguard client information. We are therefore able to continue to provide quality legal services during this crisis.

To this end, we are taking the following steps:

1. In accordance with Executive Order 2020-21, our principal office, located at 26211 Central Park Blvd Ste 514 Southfield, MI 48076 is hereby closed as of 5:00 PM on Monday, March 23, 2020, and is scheduled to re-open on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 9:00 AM. As the situation evolves, this may change.

2. Clients with hearings in local courts will be contacted to inform them of case schedule changes, continuances and adjournments in accordance with the local rules and administrative orders.

3. Employees need not report for work in-person until further notice. Work at home options will be made available.

4. Person-to-person client business will be conducted by appointment only, sparingly, judiciously, and only as-needed to avoid the irrevocable loss of property or to memorialize healthcare or estate-planning directives.

5. Client business that can take advantage of new rules concerning client signatures and the preparation and filing of documents electronically, will continue uninterrupted. We will make video calls and video conferencing available to our new and existing clients during business hours.

6. Where an emergency situation exists, estate planning and bedside wills may be executed in person, by appointment only, sparingly, judiciously, and only as needed. At the request of our clients, we are able to dictate holographic wills and other testacy documents to our clients as needed.

7. Emergency and complete bankruptcy filings remain available to our clients.

Clients may continue to contact us at our main phone number (248) 595-8617. To reach Clint at his remote forwarded line, dial (248) 595-7071. To reach Dylan at his remote forwarded line, dial (248) 595-7089. We can also be reached at info@hubbellduvall.com.