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Contracts are an essential part of any business or consulting arrangement. Some are simple, while others are highly complex. Our attorneys will provide expert advice to ensure that your contracts are legally valid. We can also assist with negotiation. Whether you’re drafting contracts, or receiving them from other parties, you’ll want an experienced attorney to review them before they become legally binding.

Business Contracts

As a business owner, you’ll likely enter into contracts on a regular basis. These include things like leases, banking documents, advertising agreements, and countless others. We’ll review your business contracts to keep them free of illegal or misleading information. In addition, we’ll work to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the final contract. New businesses are often unaware of the many legal restrictions that affect contracts. We’re educated on issues such as zoning compliance, trademark and copyright law, liability, and federal and local ordinances. Our goal is to protect your business interests. You won’t have to spend your precious time doing legal research. We’re equipped with all the knowledge needed to get the most benefit for your company. And should you need to file a lawsuit, or find yourself the recipient of one, we offer representation.

Consultant Contracts

Any time a business hires a consultant, it is in their best interest to create a legally binding contract. This works in both the consultant and their client’s favor. It’s important to clearly define the services to be performed, and the rate and method of payment. Completion deadlines and expected results can also be laid out. These contracts often include confidentiality clauses, and non-competes. This helps protect the privacy and intellectual property of your business. We can also help you build in safeguards in the event of a consultant or client underperforming. Without a clear contract, you may simply be out of luck should someone renege on their end of an agreement. Contact Us today to discuss how our experienced attorneys can assist in drafting and reviewing contracts for your business or consulting arrangement.

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